A Facebook peer support group specifically for new graduate OT’s

As I have done my best to research what is available for new graduate OT’s with regards to peer support I have discovered that there are no peer support groups accessible online specifically targeted at new graduate OT’s. I have decided to formulate a group on Facebook that I am able to develop into a webpage with a specific forum so it can be accessed without having an invitation through Facebook. The development of this webpage inclusive of a forum will occur when there are enough members in the Facebook group. Ideally, the Facebook group would need to have interest from a number of OT new graduates all over New Zealand for the online forum to be successful. Here I have weighed up some Pros and Cons of the use of Facebook professionally:  Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 5.09.08 pm Here is the link to the Facebook page I have developed: Occupational Therapy New Zealand (New Graduate Peer Support) feel free to request to be added to this page!  If you think that there is potential for the growth of an online peer support group for occupational therapy new graduates, comment on my blog and request to join the OTNZ new graduate peer support group I have made on Facebook.


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