A Facebook peer support group specifically for new graduate OT’s

As I have done my best to research what is available for new graduate OT’s with regards to peer support I have discovered that there are no peer support groups accessible online specifically targeted at new graduate OT’s. I have decided to formulate a group on Facebook that I am able to develop into a webpage with a […]

So you have your supervisor, now where are your peers?

You have acquired a job and you have left all your friends to make it in the big world as a new graduate occupational therapist. Your supervisor is great and you have a very dynamic professional relationship, she/he understands your learning needs and has a foundation of knowledge to supervise your ongoing professional development. What next? There […]

Supervision vs Support: It’s a tie!

The Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand (OTBNZ) describe supervision as “Structured intentional relationship within which a practitioner reflects critically on her/his work, and receives feedback and guidance from a supervisor, in order to deliver the best possible service to consumers. Professional supervision may incorporate any aspect of a professional role e.g., clinical, managerial, or cultural, […]

My opinion: Healthy therapist, healthy therapy!

For best occupational therapy practice, I feel the need to be healthy myself. I have a great work-life balance and evenly distribute time to look after myself in order to better my work as an occupational therapy student. Burnout syndrome is common among healthcare workers and understanding what helps you as a therapist to feel emotionally and […]